China-hifi-Audio Announces Shanling Auido CD Player Range For Customers At Reasonable Prices & Free Shipping

February 12 11:07 2018
People who know about the powerful features of Shanling Auido CD players will love to purchase these feature-rich CD players from China-hifi-Audio at affordable prices and with free shipping.

Shanling has a wide variety of topload CD player models that are remarkable for their quality output level to enhance the joy of listening to the music. China-hifi-Audio now brings several of the Shanling Auido CD players that customers can now purchase for their great music listening experience.

According to the spokesperson of China-hifi-Audio, the Shanling Auido CD player comes with a remote control and an external sound card that is turntable for iPad and iPhone. With two digital filtering options, the CD player is fitted with high quality digital receiver chip from a top brand company. Fitted with the Japanese alps potentiometer, the CD player has an independent amp design, which supports up to 300Ω headphones. It has the latest XMOS module of the USB for an improved connectivity.

China-hifi-Audio Announces Shanling Auido CD Player Range For Customers At Reasonable Prices & Free Shipping

Among different models, the Shanling CD3.2 vacuum tube CD player is available in two different versions with and without USB. The CD player can operate in the voltage range of 100V to 240V, and comes fitted with two R-type transformers for supplying power. With a strong dielectric and burning resistance of the transformer, the durability and the long-lasting performance of the CD player are ensured. The device uses high-level capacitors and other high quality components. With Philips CD servo system, it supports coaxial and optical input with a dynamic range analog output level without any distortion.

China-hifi-Audio also has the Shanling T3.2 Top Loading CD Transport Turntable in its stock that comes with a special anti-vibration system for high performance and low noise. With the R-type power transformer and high precision temperature compensated clock, it offers a precise and better sound quality. The spokesperson of China-hifi-Audio reveals that it has an advanced OLED display for showing the digital output. With a gross weight of 10kg, it is rated with a power consumption of 18W only.

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