Chinese Enterprise Group Land In New York Times Square To Give New Year’s Greetings

February 13 06:22 2018
From February 13th to 16th in the US, local Chinese enterprises’ coming drives a strong Chinese whirlwind in the New York Times Square. Many well-known Chinese enterprises invite people from all over the world to spend the Spring Festival together, to experience the most important traditional festival and culture in China, and also show the enterprise brand image here.

The New York Times Square, isolated by the Broadway Street and the Seventh Avenue, is located in the heartland of Manhattan, which is the most prosperous entertainment shopping center in the world. The average annual passenger flow volume is 40 million, and the pedestrian volume is 100 million. It is the most notable commercial core area in the world, known as the Crossroads of the World, and its outdoor advertising screen has always been one of the best windows to attract the world’s attention.

A metaphor from an advertising industry insider once said: New York Times Square is like The Heart of the Ocean on King’s crown, making those who have pushed ahead. With the close relation between China and the world, the New York Times Square has also become the Top Show Field of the Chinese government and enterprises. From the national image film to the enterprise image film, they all come on stage here in turn.

During the Spring Festival this year, Chinese enterprises collectively appear in New York Times Square, which drives the performance of Chinese elements to a new climax in the Top Show Field. It has been the most large-scale collective appearance for Chinese enterprises in New York Times Square since this year, and also a historic moment for overseas dissemination of Chinese enterprises.

According to information, the companies involved in this activity include Greenland Group, TCL, AUX, BOSIDENG, CHILWEE, LANGJIU, HOLIKE, ChaCha, BODE, TIMIERHOUSE, IMPERIUM FINANCIAL GROUP, QET, PRES-JOG, WEIYE ALUMINIUM PROFILE, SOMNOPRO, Yujie Group, HANEX, Boncham, Treessun Flooring, SCIHOME, GUOTAI, Denglao Herbal Tea, BORCCI, OMALL, XINSHENGJINYE, New Life Group, KGC, LIEBO, ROSDN, Green-A, LUKLEAF, STARKING, Qianqian Foods, Elian Home, GOLGEN, Yanoda, JING BRAND and other well-known enterprises.

Among them, there are not only old brand leading enterprises like Greenland Group, TCL, AUX, BOSIDENG, CHILWEE, but also some rising stars like HOLIKE, QET, LIEBO, Yujie Group that are trying to embrace the world, even such industry leading brands as ChaCha, SOMNOPRO, whose products have been exported to countries and regions. Although there are differences in scale and even some are competing peers, on such a special day as Spring Festival, these enterprises are united and wish to express their wishes to the international public, showing the overall confidence of Chinese enterprises integrating into the world and serving the world.

Li Mingliang, the principal head of this activity, and the general manager of New Era Media, said that the economic development since the reform and opening up has laid the foundation for the prosperity and going to the world of Chinese culture. Moreover, Chinese economy has come to the stage of further enhancing its charm and value in virtue of culture. This activity combines commercial spread with the promotion and dissemination of Chinese culture. Mutual promotion can not only enhance the promotional effectiveness of enterprise brand, but can contribute to the promotion of national culture. Gathering Chinese business power makes the world appreciate the charm of Chinese business and culture, which can be more popular with the public and more sustainable, fully embodying the cultural confidence of Chinese enterprises in the New Era and New Normal.

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